Integrating Autistic spectrum people in software Testing

AQA was formed in order to train and integrate autism spectrum people in software testing tasks

The Rational

Asperger Syndrome is on the autism spectrum, but people with this syndrome are high functioning, except for certain limitations in social interaction. In addition, they have unique advantages:
* Exceptional visual abilities, photographic memory, and attention to detail.
* Strong focusing abilities.
* Strong understanding of systems which involve logics and clear rules.
* Preference for repetitious assignments.
The social challenge is to find a way to integrate these people into the job market and to give expression to their abilities​.

Suitable Positions
These advantages provide substantial added value in software testing tasks which require accuracy, rigorousness, attention to detail, monotony

The vision
AQA will train & integrate Autistic spectrum people in software testing tasks. It will assure that their qualifications are best suited to the customers' need.



Ester Zabar – Manager

M.Sc. in engineering with 23 years of experience in software, 11 of them in QA management (ECI & BMC). A member of the Advisory Board of ITCB – the Israeli organization for software testing certification

Anat Ben Meir​​ – Consultant

B.A. in Occupational Therapy and M.Ed. in Special Education. Expert having 25 years of experience in Autism & Asperger. Lecturing in Ariel University Center of Samaria, Talpiot College & Kibbutzim College. Developed a questionnaire to diagnostics tendencies in professional for people with ASD, and Performs diagnostics for them.